20 Full Scholarships in USA for African Students 2023

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Scholarships in USA for African Students

Hello reader, aspiring to study abroad in the USA on a Scholarship? well, I’ve got some good news! a good number of American universities and organizations offer undergraduate, Master or Ph.D. scholarships in the USA for African students as well as students in developing countries.

However, a number of these scholarships in the USA are offered specifically for international students from Africa.

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Below are links to full scholarships in USA for African students scholarship.

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MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars program is focused on educating and developing bright and economically marginalized young people in Africa and developing countries who have demonstrated positive potential and will contribute to the transformation of the continent.

The transition of beneficiaries to benefactors is a resultant effect of this program, hence preparing African students with the values, knowledge, skills, and leadership to facilitate economic and social progress across Africa.

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The Scholarship Program is anticipated to benefit 15,000 young people between the ages of 8 and 10 years.  

Below are African students’ scholarships in the USA by MasterCard Foundation listed in no particular order;

1. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Wellesley College

Wellesley supports nine (9), African women with scholarships, mentoring, counseling, and internship opportunities for undergraduate studies.

Whereas scholars at Wellesley will develop experiences, values, and competence considered critical to success in the global economy. Enabling students to give back actively to their communities and home countries.

Level of Study: Undergraduate degree

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Application Deadline: September to around January/February

Scholarship page

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2. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Stanford University

The MasterCard Foundation education initiative at Stanford University USA provides comprehensive support to 20 gifted but economically disadvantaged students from Africa within the space of eight years to gain scholarships in the USA.

The Scholars Program will support five (5) undergraduates from Sub-Saharan Africa yearly.

Level of Study: Undergraduate degree

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Application Deadline: September to around January/February

Scholarship page

3. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Arizona State University (ASU)

Arizona State University (ASU), will receive $27.5 million over the next seven years to provide academically talented, yet financially disadvantaged students from Africa, who exhibit dedication to giving back to their communities and countries, access to a sound education. 

The program will support 120 scholars at ASU.

Level of Study: Undergraduate degree

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Application Deadline: admission application: 01 January; scholarship deadline: February 01

Scholarship page

4. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at University of California, Berkeley

At the University of California Berkeley, the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program will provide total support to 113 students from Sub-Saharan Africa over a period of 8 years. The scholars will chase both undergraduate and professional master’s degrees.

Level of Study: Undergraduate and Master’s degree

Application Deadline: For undergraduate: 30th November

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For masters:  between 1 December and 8 January

Scholarship page

5. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Michigan State University (MSU)

The MasterCard Foundation in partnership with Michigan State University provides full-tuition scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students from Sub-Saharan Africa.

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The university will receive $45 million in funding from the foundation to support 185 scholars all through the nine-year program, with 100 four-year undergraduates and 85 master’s degree students inclusive.

Level of Study: Undergraduate and Master’s degree

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Application Deadline: 15 February

Scholarship page

6. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Duke University

With a financial commitment of $13.5 million from The MasterCard Foundation, Duke University will educate seven (7) classes of five (5) students from Sub-Saharan Africa making a total of 35 students to achieve scholarships in the USA over the next 10 years.

Level of Study: Undergraduate degree

Application Deadline: January

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Scholarship Page

Government Scholarships in the USA For African Students

7. Foreign Fulbright Student Program

The Fulbright Program is a scholarship for international students chasing a Master’s or Ph.D. degree.

Scholarships can also be awarded for non-degree postgraduate studies.  The grant covers tuition fees, textbooks, airfare, a living stipend, and health insurance.

Level of Study: Masters’ and Ph.D. degrees in fields including interdisciplinary ones except for medical degree programs or clinical medical research.

Application Deadline: varies by country.

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Select your country and get specific details on the scholarship page

8.  Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program Japan

Eligible applicants should propose a program of study related to development at the master’s level, in the following fields of study; economics, health, education, agriculture, environment, natural resource management, or other development‑related subjects.

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Level of Study: Master’s degree

Application Deadline: March 31

Scholarship page

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9. Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowships for International Students – USA

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program is a non-degree program designed specifically for experienced professionals interested in strengthening their leadership prowess through a mutual exchange of knowledge and understanding about issues of common concern in the U.S. and the Fellows’ home countries.

Level of Study: Fellowship for professionals

Application Deadline: it is important to note that embassies and Commissions must submit their nominations to the Institute of International Education office in Washington, DC by October 1. The deadlines for applicants vary.

Fellowship Page

Organization Scholarships and Fellowships in the USA for African Students

10. Zawadi Africa Education Fund Undergraduate Scholarship for Women- in Partnership with Google

The Zawadi Africa Education Fund is a program aimed at providing undergraduate scholarships to academically gifted girls/ women from disadvantaged backgrounds in Africa to pursue higher education in the USA, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya.

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Level of Study: Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and/or ICT

Application Deadline: Varies.

Scholarship page

11. MMMF Scholarship for Women from Developing Countries in US & Canada

The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund (MMMF) helps women from developing countries by making available grants to help further their education and strengthen their leadership skills to improve the lives of women and children in developing countries.

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The MMMF awards grants are estimated at approximately $12,000 each.

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In regards to eligibility, the program demands that applicants must be women from developing countries currently enrolled at accredited universities in the US or Canada.

Level of Study: Master’s degree

The application starts from October 15th until January 9th.

Scholarship page

12. AAUW International Fellowship for Women

American Association of University Women (AAUW) International Fellowships are awarded for full-time study or research in the United States to women who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

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Applicants are expected to earn the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree by September 30, (the previous year) and must have applied to their proposed institutions of study by the time of the application.

The scholarship is worth $18,000 for Masters, 20,000 for PhD and $30,000 for Postdoctoral students.

Level of study: Masters, Ph.D., and Postdoctoral degree

Previous Application deadline: from 1 August to December 1

Scholarship page

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13. Harambe Fletcher Scholarships for African Students USA

The Harambe Fletcher Scholarship is a full-tuition award for young African entrepreneurial leaders wishing to pursue a master’s program at The Fletcher School at Tufts University, starting in September.

Eligible Field of Study includes;

  • Master of International Business (MIB)
  • Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD)
  • A two-year, highly flexible, interdisciplinary, professional degree in international affairs
  • A two-year hybrid international business/international affairs degree program
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Application Deadline

Candidates are expected to complete the online HEA Application by December 30

Candidates are expected complete the online Fletcher School Application by January 10

Scholarship page

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14. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme

The Aga Khan Foundation provides a limited number of scholarships yearly for postgraduate studies to students with academic excellence who have no other means of financing their studies, in order to prepare them for employment.

The Foundation accepts applicants from the following countries:  Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar, Mozambique, and some other countries from different continents.

Level of study: Masters and Ph.D. focused areas are Architecture, Health, Civil Society, Planning & Building, Culture, Rural Development, Economic Development, Humanitarian Assistance, Education, and Music.

The Foundation gives priority to requests for Master’s level courses but also considers applications for Ph.D. programs, only in the case of outstanding students who are highly recommended for doctoral studies by their professors as such recommended students may need a Ph.D. for the fulfillment of their career objectives (academic or research-oriented).

Previous Application Deadline: Starts January to March 31

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Scholarship page

15. Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarships, USA

The Microsoft Research Graduate Women’s Scholarship is a one-year scholarship program for distinguished women graduate students and is designed to help encourage the number of women pursuing a Ph.D.

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Level of Study: Ph.D. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Mathematics departments

Application deadline: from August 14 to October 16

Scholarship page

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16. 7UP Harvard Business School Scholarship for Nigerian Students

The Seven UP Harvard Business School Scholarship was created by Seven-Up Bottling Company Plc of Nigeria to commemorate its 50th anniversary, in alignment with the Company’s overall vision of creating a greener future for promising Nigerians.

Application opens for students admitted to the Harvard Business School MBA Class of the following year.

Level of study: MBA

Previous Application Deadline: September and April for the 1st to 3rd round

Scholarship page

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17. African Palliative Care Nursing Scholarship Fund by Global Partners in Care

In its attempt to expand the availability of hospice and palliative care in sub-Saharan Africa, Global Partners in Care formally FHSSA, in partnership with the African Palliative Care Association, created the African Palliative Care Nursing Scholarship in 2010.

Level of study: Training for Social Workers and Nurses

Previous Application Deadline: from 15 April to 15 May

Scholarship page

18. PEO International Peace Scholarships for Women – USA and Canada

The PEO International Peace Scholarship Fund is a program of Women helping women attain heights. The fund provides scholarships for selected women from other countries for graduate study in the United States.

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Level of study: Masters and Ph.D. degrees

Application Deadline: August 15 to December 15.

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Scholarship page

19. EDSF Scholarship for full-time students in Document Management and Graphic Communications

The Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation – EDSF scholarship program began in 1999 to recognize and support the next generation of professionals in the Document Management and Graphic Communication industry.

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EDSF scholarships are awarded to full-time students who are committed to pursuing a career in the Document Management and Graphic Communications marketplace.

Previous Application Deadline: May 1

20. Gus Archie Undergraduate Scholarships- Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Foundation

The Gus Archie Memorial Scholarship in collaboration with the Archie Fund of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Foundation and each year, awards an outstanding student with plans to enter a university to chase an undergraduate degree in Petroleum Engineering.

Level of study: Undergraduate degree

Previous Application Deadline: 15 April or 1 May

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Scholarship page

See other SPE scholarships


The above African students’ scholarships in the USA present varieties of offers at different levels of educational fields, which enables students to attain excellence irrespective of their limitations due to little or no resources to advance academically.

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