Studying for a Double Master’s Degree

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Cutting costs is a significant benefit of a double master’s degree program. This is due to the fact that earning a dual degree is typically faster than earning each degree separately.

This could mean not having to pay for an additional year or two of education. Getting two degrees opens up more professional opportunities.

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What is a Double Master’s Degree?

Double degrees are frequently offered by two distinct universities, be it in the same or different nations. 

A double Master’s degree, also known as a dual master’s, is an educational program that enables you to explore two interrelated or supplementary subjects at the same time.

These degrees are, however, accessible at either the Bachelor’s or Master’s levels, but Master’s students are far more likely to pursue them.

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How Long is a Double Master’s Degree?

Because of a large amount of effort engaged, this type of degree is not usually awarded as part-time studies. If you have a job or other obligations, a double Master’s degree is probably not for you right now.

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The majority of double Master’s degrees last between 18 months (1.5 years) and 24 months (2 years). Shorter courses are occasionally available.

Why Should I Pursue a Dual Master’s Degree?

Continue reading to learn three reasons why pursuing a dual master’s degree may be a good idea.

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It’s a good way to combine your interests.

Focusing your interests on just one master’s degree is difficult, especially when you don’t know which one is right for you.

Fortunately, a dual master’s degree enables you to fulfill your inquisitiveness in more than one area.

You’ll gain a better understanding of various sectors

A double master’s degree can provide a more detailed view of the business world. Even if you only studied business or financial management as an undergraduate, a double master’s degree draws together everything so you can understand how the various elements of business, management, and finance interact and connect.

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It can improve your job options and earning capacity

These are the two most obvious reasons why so many people consider chasing a postgraduate degree. With the professional education job market being so competitive, a dual master’s degree can be the launchpad you need to boost your potential to find a more senior or administrative job role much earlier in your profession.

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Difference Between Related Programs/Degrees

Double Master’s Degrees vs Double Majors

The following are the most significant distinctions between these academic offerings with similar titles:

You only get one degree and one diploma with a double major, but you get two different areas of specialization or expertise. At the end of a dual degree program, you will receive two distinct diplomas.

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It takes the same amount of time to complete a double major as it does to complete a traditional degree. Based on the program, a double degree may require 1 or 2 additional years.

Daul degrees can be far more costly, particularly if they are available in universities located in various nations.

Double majors are only available at the undergraduate (Bachelor’s) level, as opposed to double degrees.

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Double Master’s Degrees vs Simultaneous Independent Master’s Degrees

If things were not already perplexing, you’ll be ‘pleased’ to realize that you can pursue two different Master’s degrees from 2 distinct schools at the same period.

For instance, you could pursue a Master’s degree in English Literature at one school and a Master’s degree in Philosophy at some other.

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This strategy will necessitate a number of different tasks and proper planning since every degree will have its own set of classes, seminars, coursework, and tests, all of which must be completed concurrently.

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Double Master’s Degrees vs Joint Degrees

Let’s add some other components to this mishmash: joint degrees.

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Joint degrees are comparable to double majors in that they are achievable at both the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

A joint degree requires you to study two fields of study, for instance, history and political science, but you will graduate with a single combined diploma.

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Joint degrees take a similar amount of time to complete as regular degrees and have the same number of credits and courses.


If you really want to gain two degrees without really worry about time period, achieving a double master’s degree. Hence, this article is definitely for you, as it helps you know all you need to know about a dual master’s degree.


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