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Furry Art Sites

Is it captivating to you how animal characters in animated films would possess human characteristics? Furry Art characters include, for instance, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tom and Jerry, and Donald Duke from animated films.

No longer will you be perplexed, because this post will introduce you to the universe of furry art, including what furry art sites really are about, what they do or how they operate, and the best furry art sites in the world.

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What is Furry art?

Furry art is a term that describes artwork portraying anthropomorphic (the idea of assigning human attributes to non-human creatures) personalities, animals, and avatars, according to Wikipedia.

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Who is a Furry Artist?

A Furry Artist is someone who produces furry art. Furry art is often used to define half-human, half-animal characters known as Anthros.

A furry artist, also known as an anthro artist, is someone who produces artistic works with the furry fandom as the intended audience, or who creates anthropomorphic art of interest to the fandom. Furry Art refers to the works of such artists.

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Performance furry artists, such as fursuiters, puppeteers, furry musicians, and so on, have their own designations.

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Who Started Furry?

According to fandom historian Fred Patten, the term “furry” first appeared at a sci-fi conference in 1980, when a character drawn from Steve Gallacci’s Albedo Anthropomorphics began a discussion about anthropomorphic actors in fantasy novels.

What is a Furry Style in General?

Furries express their fursonas via craftsmanship, composing, virtual identities, or the establishment of ridiculous outfits portraying the person’s animal as fursuits.

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A fursona is a made-up animal character made by someone in the furry fandom. The word fursona is a play on the words furry and persona.

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A few fursuits are complete outfits, but most are just animal ears, tails, or shoe covers.

What are Furry Art Sites?

A furry art site would be any large group library of graphic artwork, publications, and/or audio records that are solely dedicated to the furry subject matter.

List of the Best Furry Art Sites

1.  Fur Affinity

The furry fandom’s leading internet community, also known as FA, focuses on the development of art, music, and tales.

Alkora founded the site in 2005 as a substitute for other art community sites such as SheezyArt and DeviantArt, distinguishing itself by allowing artistic free expression irrespective of content rating. Dragoneer is in charge.

Fur Affinity’s useful features include the ability to track new updates from specific artists, highlight favorites, and upload a wide range of art (images, music, and stories).

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The site’s comments system and individual journals are intended to foster community.

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2. Weasyl

Weasyl is a social art gallery site that exists to serve the furry fandom as well as the larger online artistic community; it is “intended for artists, writers, musicians, and more to share their knowledge with other artists and fans.”

Media submissions, character profiles, and journal entries are its main features.

Weasyl has added a commission marketplace, redesigned its thumbnail system to accommodate larger images, and made its source code available as open-source software.

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Weasyl users can use character submissions to upload reference sheets of their original characters and fursonas; these are distinct from other submission types in that they specifically index biographical information and a physical description of the character.

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3. Furry Network

Users can “promote” and/or “favorite” submissions on the site. When a user “promotes” a submission, the selected submission is displayed publicly on the promoting user’s profile, whereas “favoriting” adds the submission to a gallery that is private to the favoriting user’s account.

This same site also lets you import submissions and avatars from your Fur Affinity account. A user can create multiple “character” profiles under one account on the site. Users can organize their submissions into folders, but subscriptions are not currently supported.

4. SoFurry

The site includes a full user community system that serves as a collaborative filter. Users are encouraged to create or join “groups” that cover specific topics. These groups may include fully integrated forums as well as web chatrooms.

Users also can find new content using existing features such as personal watchlists, or they can also create a cooperative set of favorites in groups, enabling people joining groups to instantly browse a human-maintained gallery of content specifically matching the group’s topic. Groups are usually created and moderated by users.

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In addition to group forums and chats, the site has global forums and chatrooms that are moderated by the site moderators.

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5. Furry Amino

Users on Furry Amino can create blog posts, and quizzes, and share them with the public. Users can also follow each other and see their followers’ posts directly on their timelines.

For instant messaging, both public and private chats are supported. Sexual contents, however, are not permitted on Furry Amino.

6.  F-list

The F-list (short for Fetish-list) is a database of characters and paraphilia associated with them for roleplaying objectives. It allows users aged eighteen and up to create multiple characters for each account, participate in groups based on their interests, and chat in real time via the site’s chat server for the purpose of roleplaying.

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Since its inception, F-list has been a central roleplay hub for non-furries, and many people confuse ‘F-list’ for ‘Furry-List,’ which it is not, and it remains a major site for roleplay, overall conversation, and meeting people of similar interests, both sexual and non-sexual.

7. Furvilla

This is a web online-based game with furry villagers. Furvilla is made of panties, which players use to customize their villagers.

Panties are created by modifying an original Furvilla villager base with peripheral editing software and can span from a simple recolor to line alteration. It costs 250 Furdollars to upload a painting. This is equal to $2.50.

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8. Telegram Furlist 

This website is primarily concerned with recruiting furry groups for the cloud-based online messenger, telegram. It permits enlistment in both the SFW and NSFW groups.

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It allows users to list their groups using their FurlistBot and telegram bot and is also known as Furry Telegram Groups.

9. Inkbunny

Inkbunny is a furry art community that showcases artwork, comics, stories, music, and animations for furry fans.

This platform exists to assist artists in sharing and selling their work. The site used to charge a fee for the buying and selling of high-resolution digital downloads and prints.

However, donations and merchandise are now its sole sources of income; there are no fees to join, display work, conduct business, or accept donations on the site.

Only positive and constructive conversations between members are encouraged on the sites. Any users who are abusive are barred from making comments or contacting them.

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10. Subreddit

Furry subreddit or furry  Reddit is a user-created society (identified as a subreddit) on the social news, product rating, and conversation website Reddit devoted solely to the discourse of relevant multimedia content pertaining to the furry fandom.

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The subreddit was founded in May 2008 by a user named Corbin Fox, and as of October 2018, it had over 61,000 subscribers, also known as redditfurs.

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Furry art refers to half-human, half-animal characters known as Anthros, while a furry artist is someone who produces these furry arts. Furry Fandom, however, refers to the viewing public interested in furry arts. This post should clarify everything you need to know about furry art sites.

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